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Member Spotlight: Marqueze Ethridge

Where would BNWF be without the members who support us?
We love our BNWF members. Marqueze Ethridge is our spotlight member for the month..

Member Spotlight: Marqueze Ethridge

BNWF Spotlight is on Marqueze Ethridge.

Get to know Marqueze:

What inspired you to start your fit/health journey?

What Started Me on the fitness journey was i saw a Picture I took a few weeks earlier at my Godbrother’s wedding and saw How Big I had gotten.

Then the Next day my best friend SLEEPY brown sent me a picture of myself on INSTAGRAM. We were making fun of each other and I saw that picture and was like DAAAAMN!


What was your starting weight when you first started? And what is your current weight?
My Starting weight was 250Lbs and I’m only 5’3…I’ve gotten down to 173Lbs
What has been your biggest challenge you have faced in your fitness journey, and how did you overcome it?
No Challenges Really. I’m Too Motivated. Every now & then I want a Subway sandwich but I pass because I took Bread outta my nutrition.


How did you stay motivated?
I started being Really excited when I could see my Strong Jawline & I went to the restroom and looked down and was like..”Heeey THERE He is!”  Lol. I STAY motivated by All the people I’ve Inspired and see me out saying how proud they are & I feel like I would disappoint a lot of people if i quit. Also i’m always looking at my earlier pictures and my progress pics…STARTING OVER is TOO HARD.


Did you change your diet, and how do you eat now? 
I changed my diet dramatically by cutting out Pasta…Bread..Sugar…Rice…Potatoes High Carbs & Smaller portions.


What is your favorite healthy meal? Favorite cheat meal?
I really don’t have a favorite Healthy or Cheat Meal. I have a creative taste pallet so i’m open to all kinds of new healthy foods. I really don’t do cheat meals cause I don’t wanna gamble. I Recently began enjoying Beer again. Only 2 whenever I do and of course I did my research…Lol. MICHELOB ULTRA GOLD Organic Light Lager. only 80 cals 2 carbs…Yaaay!
What is your favorite fitness exercise that you enjoy the most ?
My Favorite Excercise is ANYTHING Cardio…Elliptical  Usually


What is special about Bruce’s New World Fitness that keeps you coming?
The main thing that keeps me coming back to BNWF is the privacy and the Family type vibe I have with my Fit Family!
Thanks for telling us about yourself Marqueze, and being a great part of the Bruce’s New World Fitness Family!

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