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    Bruce Davenport

    Bruce Davenport’s remarkable journey through life trials, struggles, triumphs, set backs, and victories, taught to him in the master class, called life. Lessons that he would love to share with you to help you reach your apex in life. Bruce’s story of being knocked down, but not knocked out, and refusing to throw in the towel, will inspire your team, company, relationships and students. His messages have been known to increase sales, impact churches, and most importantly, ignite the fire in today’s youth.

    Bruce’s true mission is to renew your mind and your body, resulting in a new world but the only way you can achieve this is to be persistent. When you are persistent it will overrule, overtake, and overthrow any resistance.

    Would you like Bruce Davenport to speak at your next corporate event, athletic department, school, or church? For your convenience, you may call 770-716-4160.