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Weight Loss Challenge

New Year! New Level BNWF 2019 Weight Loss Challenge

Are you all the WAY UP?

If you have been promising yourself to lose weight, eat healthy, and exercise regularly, starting on January 12, 2019 BNWF will be kicking off its first weight loss challenge. If you are trying to start the new year off right, join us as we go all the WAY UP! Together. The challenge will be 90 days. Those in the challenge will also get weekly fitness, and dietary consultions, discounts on a meal plans, and meal preps services. There will be 5 prizes going to the top 5 contestants who have lost the most weight.
Q: I need more cardio classes for this challenge?
A: No problem! We have a assortment of great classes to pump your heart, and burn those calories. The first month of January is FREE,and then it’s $10.99 for the first 4 months, and $20.99 a month.
Q: What’s happening on January 12, 2019?
A: That date will be the ALL THE WAY UP LEVEL UP CHALLENGE! You will be weighed in, and body fat measurements will be done, pictures taken, and you will receive your meal plan.
Q: What do I need to so to sign up?
A: If you’re not currently a member you can sign up online or in the office. For either the cardio classes, or the gym. To enter the contest it is a $25.00 fee due on January 12, 2019 by 8:00 pm.
Q: What if I’m not available to make it on January 12, 2019?
A:  No problem. You can come anytime before January 12, 2019. If you need to come, please call and make appointment and we will gladly get you signed up, weighed, and a meal plan will be given to you.
Q: 2019 is mine! I want a personal trainer for the challenge, is this ok?
A: Yes it is. There will be a trainer on the day of the kickoff, and if you need a trainer during the 90 days you can have your own or one of ours at BNWF.
Q: I’m terribly out of shape. I hate working out and everyone is going to be in much better shape than me. I have never stuck with workouts and healthier meals. What can I do to get over my fear?
A: That is a valid question. No problem. We have a friendly and team attitude here at BNWF. Your fellow gym members, coaches, trainers, and myself, as the owner, will escort you in a positive way. This challenge is for ALL fitness levels. Our classes are second to none. 6 Flags has nothing on us!  Contact us and I personally will give you a private tour, and a small demo before the challenge so you can feel right at home..
Q: What are the prizes?
We have partnered with local and national businesses.
1st prize- A one-night stay at a downtown Atlanta area Hilton hotel
                2nd prize- A half day at the spa
                       3rd prize- 1 month free gym membership
                       4th prize- Gift certificates to My Life Smoothies
                       5th prize- to be announced
Our sponsors and Co-sponsors: 
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Reju Spa
  • Bruce’s New World Fitness