Bruce’s New World Fitness
146 Rainbow Way * Fayetteville, GA 30214 * (770) 716-4160


We are here to reach your goals.

Welcome to Bruce’s New World Fitness. You are about to take the first steps to a awesome journey towards health and fitness, that will renew your life forever. Confused at how to start? As a new member of Bruce’s New World Fitness, we know that it is extremely important to help you to be informed and taught the right way from the start.

Bruce’s New World Fitness offers a complimentary orientation for new members that is designed for those members who would like to truly know how to use the equipment correctly.

We encourage all of our new members to take part in this new members orientation class. The classes are scheduled by appointment. Please call 770-716-4160 for our weekly orientation.

Be sure to wear appropriate athletic shoes and gym attire when attending your orientation class.